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Greenlight for Endless Surf wave pool in Queensland

There is a new wave pool coming to the Sunshine Coast. Here is what we know

More details were issued this week about the new Endlesss Surf ES4800 wave pool slated for the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, Sanad Capital is building Actvenure, a $65 million water park along with the Invigorate family resort on Steve Irwin Way in Glenview. The site will feature retail shops, food and drink along with water slides and other pools.

Glenview is 20 minutes from Shelly Beach and a 10-minute drive from Australia Zoo in Beerwah, which was founded by Steve Irwin’s family.

Sanad Capital said the project will first deliver the Actventure Waterpark that will boast 20+ integrated waterslides, a swim-up bar and food kiosks and cabanas for hire. Next is the Invigorate Resort which will have 160 units as part of a 4-star resort targeted to families primarily from Queensland. Developers are planning associated retail to support resort and waterpark patrons.

Artist rendering of the building fronting the Endless Surf wave pool in Glenview
Artist rendering of the building fronting the Endless Surf wave pool in Glenview, Queensland

Waves in an Endless Surf wave pool are created when air is pushed through caissons (chambers) in sequence to produce a variety of wave shapes and sizes. The number of caissons at the deep end of their heart-shaped pool correlates with the wave system’s size. An Endless Surf 1800 has 18 pneumatic chambers and an Endless Surf 4800 (the model they will use in Glenview) has 48 caissons and measures 282m (925.2ft) x 84.5m (277.2ft). Wave heights will run at 2-3 ft on average but can go up to 7 feet as both lefts and rights. Length of a ride for the average Endless Surf pool is expected to be 30-60 yards/meters on but can go up to 200 meters in their maximum-sized pool. Regardless of size, the system has the capability to produce 500-1000 waves per hour.

The wave technology also uses a sophisticated software synching system to customize surf sessions. Surfers can go online, fill out a profile, complete safety forms and book their sessions either for that day or for an upcoming session. Surfers then select wave preferences: Barrel, Turns waves, or even some Combo waves.

“Surfers can choose their time slots, select amenities like lockers and pre-booked meals if available,” explained Chutter. “It’s like an all-inclusive stay where all the guest’s needs have been anticipated and are ready to go. So you can just show up and surf with no worries.”

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