Dream On: Guide to wave pool private bookings for the Holidays

The Holiday season is bizarre. Company parties in particular. Who wants to pretend not to see Michelle from marketing stuff egg rolls into her Valentino messenger bag or watch Brad from accounts payable throwup eggnog? Didn’t think so.

Gifts are just as strange. From gluten-free candles to DVD box sets of “Golden Girls,” it gets weird out there during the holidays. Fortunately, wave pools offer a unique option to the office fete or finding that special something for the surfer who has everything.

Fortunately, you can give someone the gift of surfing at Urbnsurf, Snowdonia, Typhoon Lagoon, BSR Surf Resort, Kelly’s or The Wave. For some pools, you’ll have to wait for the official launch, while others are just a phone call and credit card number away.

We’ve compiled a list of wave pools that offer private bookings, their prices and some options. What you do choose to do, a special gift or company party is up to you. Just make sure Brad from accounts payable doesn’t get invited.

The Wave

“We have had lots of interest from businesses and organizations in the exclusive use of The Wave,” says founder Nick Hounsfield. “We have developed a range of packages that allow people to book either half of or the whole lake, for anything from two hours to a full day. For those who can’t stretch to hiring the whole place, then we reckon that our gift vouchers are still a great Christmas present for any keen surfers!”

The Wave advises booking ahead to secure your spot on the lake. They accept reservations up to a year in advance. Interested parties can reach out to [email protected] 
It costs from £10,000 to book the whole lake for one day (weekday in low season) to £5,000 to book the whole lake for half a day (weekday in low season)

Urbnsurf Melbourne

Although the facility in Victoria is not open for the public, the crew in Melbourne will go ahead with the offering due to demand. So you can reach out now to secure that special shred time in 2020.

“We offer private hire of the lagoon because a section of the market has requested it of us – these are mainly corporates and VIP’s,” says CEO Andrew Ross. “By offering private hires it allow us to provide a bespoke experience to suit their needs, in a similar way to many other sporting and entertainment venues. We don’t expect that we will be offering private hire that frequently as we are wanting to serve our core market of free surfers and people wanting lessons.”

Undeterminedbut forthcoming

Undetermined but forthcoming

BSR Surf Resort

For a laid-back barbecue vibe, this is the place for your party or to gift to that someone special. Home to the Stab High air event and the famous Waco Wedge, BSR offers hour-long private sessions in addition to full-wave pool rentals.

Open all year except for January, February and part of March, BSR can be booked through this link.

Single hour booking of the pool runs $1,500 in the wintertime and more in summer. At press time BSR would not provide specific pricing details for full or half-day rentals of the wave pool. So you will have to reach out to them.

The Surf Ranch

If you want to surf the most famous human-made wave on the planet, the good news is the Surf Ranch is book-able for full days. The bad news is that you’ll have to book way in advance and it’ll cost roughly $400-$450 per wave.

Open year-round with the occasional closure for World Tour events and maintenance.

Low season $33,000 per day. High season $55,000 per day.

Adventure Parc Snowdonia

The world’s first wave pool 2.0, Andy Ainscough’s dream project provides the first generation Wavegarden Lagoon technology. The park’s appeal is that it has been offering private parties and corporate events longer than the competition. And while the early Wavegarden technology on hand may not be as sexy as a Cove, Snowdonia does have a variety of ‘adventure sports’ on hand.

Closed during the winter months, surfers can book Spring, Summer and Autumn sessions via the website.

Their a la carte menu offers a lot of customizable extras including food, stay, surf lessons, team building and ziplines. It’s a bit confusing, but if you know exactly what you want to offer your work associates or special someone, all the info is available here.

Typhoon Lagoon

The OG surfing wave pool has been hosting private parties and rentals for several years. Unlike many of the other wave pools, Typhoon Lagoon doesn’t offer full or half days but instead offers 3-hour blocks. Each session spits out 100 waves. You can pay extra for more waves (see below). The number of surfers in your party is limited to 25, but you can add more for a fee.

When the SurfExpo event comes to Orlando in January and September it gets booked, as well as during peak tourist times. Typhoon Lagoon says space is extremely limited for both so make reservations well ahead of time.

Base rates are from $1,100-$1,400 per session depending on the time of day. Surfers can pony up an extra $650 to add 50 waves to their session. More info here https://www.eventswithdisney.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x116870abcd