Wavepooljobs and WavePoolMag enter partnership to serve growing employment needs

This week WavePoolMag entered a partnership with innovative start-up Wavepooljobs, a kind of LinkedIn for the surf park set. The agreement will see the two platforms expand to meet the ever-growing demand to staff and run the world’s wave pool industry.

Wavepooljobs is a platform for surf park operators looking for lifeguards, managers, baristas, coaches – you name it. In the wave technology sector, it can serve rapidly expanding wave-making companies like Endless Surf, Ka’ana Wave Co and Wavegarden.

“At WavePoolMag we hear regularly from surf park developers and operators,” said Bryan Dickerson, editor-in-chief at WavePoolMag. “Oftentimes we’re asked by company reps for connections to qualified candidates to fulfil a particular job position. This platform facilitates all those connections.”

The idea for the site came from Bruno Gujer who calculated that even if only half of the planned projects on the WavePoolMag iOS App and Android App come to fruition, that would equal more than 5000 jobs in the next 3-5 years. And that all these projects will need to be staffed by qualified candidates with deeper expertise than simple hospitality services work.

“Every wave pool owner needs a few experienced resources on board in order to realize a smooth-running facility,” said Bruno. “The Wavepooljobs site gives you access to these rare employees around the world in just a few clicks.”

Bruno’s resume includes heading Volcom Europe as well as being acting CEO when Alaia Bay came to life. He recently launched the firm Consul8 which guides and advises surf park projects.

“I’m so stoked on our collaboration,” added Bruno. “Since day one WavePoolMag realized the potential of such a tool for our industry and supported it. This partnership is going to give Wavepooljobs the needed visibility to bring all posts to their full potential.”

The Jobs Are Out There

Abby Richardson of The Wave in Bristol said their wave pool employs approximately 130-300 team members at any given time depending on season. Currently, the company’s webpage shows 18 positions available including those for surf coaches, lifeguards, house team members and more.

Alaia Bay in Switzerland told us they employ on average a total of 75 people including 40 surf coaches, 10 administrators, 5 maintenance workers and 20 restaurant workers.

Bruno Gujer at Consul8
Bruno Gujer launched Wavepooljobs after seeing firsthand the unique difficulties surf parks have finding the right candidates.

How The Platform Works

Wavepooljobs is free for job seekers to sign on for job alerts and search through employment opportunities. They can also create an account with their CV to facilitate the application process when they find that perfect opportunity. It’s a great way for dedicated wave poolers to get their name out there.

Employers sign on and post openings for a small fee. A single ad with regular listing is $99 for 170 days while a single ad featured listing is $199 for 210 days. The featured listings are highlighted and promoted through the Wavepooljobs social media channels with some content appearing on WavePoolMag.

Right now Wavepooljobs and WavePoolMag are offering a special coupon for employers to post 5 job openings at no cost for 1 year. For a limited time, employers can use the code: FREEAD99 for 5 free regular listings valid in 2023 and Code: FREEAD199 for 5 free featured listings valid in 2023.