Houston project debuts new technology images

Beach Street Development recently went public with new images of the upcoming HTX Surf wave pool. The HTX Surf project will now feature an Endless Surf wave system instead of a Wavegarden Cove. Beach Street is still using Wavegarden Coves at two other developments, DSRT Surf in California and Atlantic Park in Virginia Beach.

The company’s website said that HTX Surf is going to make Houston, Texas the go-to surfing and action sport destination in America.

“Anchored by perfect waves which peel the length of two football fields, HTX Surf will also provide international food and drink options, pump track, training and wellness facilities, music and event lawns, a leisure pool and beach club, and a membership club. Surf HTX will create a relaxed, ocean front environment that is guaranteed to feature highly on the must-visit lists of surfers and beach enthusiasts.

Houston has a core surf community with most surfers opting to go to the Gulf Coast for the occasional session or driving a few hours to the Waco pool. This wave pool will sit 25 minutes from downtown next door to a 25-acre stocked fishing lake.

Planned Endless Surf wave pool in houston
Planned Endless Surf wave pool in Houston will offer a “split peak” setting.

The company added that the design will serve several needs for the surf park.

“The endless surf lagoon will allow HTX surf to program and create every section of the wave offering ideal swell, every single day, in Houston. The 360-degree boardwalk offers optimal viewing zones directly adjacent to the main wave. Even those who are not in the water will feel like they are part of the lineup. The unique flexibility of the endless surf wave-making technology will help make HTX Surf the ultimate surf destination…”

HTX Surf
Construction Begins – Q1 2024 (Site already cleared)
Making Waves – Q2 2025
Doors Open – Q2/Q3 2025

Planned Endless Surf wave pool in houston
Endless Surf wave pool shows heart-shaped design with shoreline amenities.

The Lowdown: The first public surf pool in Houston Texas will located 25 minutes outside of downtown as part of the Generation Park development. Along with public surf offerings there will be a club membership option. No pricing has been set. Site is cleared for construction to begin. First waves to be pumped out Q2 2025 with gates open Q3 2025. The surf park will be using an Endless Surf wave pool system.

Accessibility: Open to the public, all-ages

Type of wave(s): Everything from split peak lefts and rights to point break settings featuring a long wall. The wave expends its energy into two shallow bays to provide surf for beginners.

Wave Generating Technology: Endless Surf which is scalable in size from ES1800 to ES4800, dependent on the number of pneumatic wave generation chambers. An ES 1800 has 18 chambers for example. The biggest, the ES 48 can go up to 1,000 feet (300m)

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of rides: beginner 8-10 seconds, intermediate/advanced 12-16 seconds

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, membership options.

Type of wave(s): Combination.

Wave’s Technical Information: Controllable wave heights up to 2.1m/7ft; adjustable angle and speed of the wave; an almost endless variety of wave types; current management means higher quality waves with a limited pool; Capable of delivering 400-700 waves per hour; Long rides, up to 24 seconds in Single Peak operating mode

Price Breakdown: Stay tuned. But interested parties can email [email protected] 

Waves per hour: 400-700 waves per hour.

Arrows show surfing directions during Endless Surf’s split peak option.