Stoked: Core Houston surfers (and the rest of the city) to get big ass Wavegarden Cove

Beach Street Development went public this week with the HTX Surf project in Northeast Houston. The project will feature a Wavegarden Cove set within 15 acres of surrounding amenities.

Houston has a core surf community with most surfers opting to go to the Gulf Coast for the occasional session or driving a few hours to the Waco pool. HTX Surf will sit 25 minutes from downtown next door to a 25-acre stocked fishing lake.

“HTX Surf will be located in Generation Park, a forward-thinking master-planned development in Northeast Houston,” the company said. “It is going to make Houston, Texas the go-to surfing and action sport destination in America.”

Developers said that the Cove design will offer waves that peel the length of two football fields

The company said the development will be anchored by waves that peel the length of two football fields, and be surrounded by international dining options, a pump track, training and wellness facilities, music and event lawns, a leisure pool, beach club, and a membership club.

“We create a relaxed, oceanfront environment that is guaranteed to feature highly on the must-visit lists of surfers and beach enthusiasts. In addition to being a place where friends and family can surf perfect waves both big and small, HTX Surf will literally bring a beautiful beach and resort experience to the center of Houston, Texas.”

The new surf spot will be located 25 minutes northeast of downtown. Image by Carlos Alfonso

The Lowdown: The first public surf pool in Houston Texas will located 25 minutes outside of downtown as part of the Generation Park development. Along with public surf offerings, there will be a club membership option. No pricing has been set nor has the project broken ground.

Accessibility: Open to the public, all-ages

Type of wave(s): Everything from Beast Mode to gentle beginner rollers

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of rides: beginner 8-10 seconds, intermediate/advanced 12-16 seconds

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, membership options.

Type of wave(s): Combination.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: under 30 yards/meters.

Price Breakdown: Stay tuned.

Waves per hour: 11-1000 waves per hour.