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How Holland’s Surf Poel system works

Surf Poel

The Dutch indoor wave pool project SurfPoel is fast under construction and hopes to open shortly. Although we couldn’t pin down a specific launch date, from the looks of the social media feed from parent company 24/7 waves, it looks like it won’t be long once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in The Netherlands. When completed the converted warehouse will host a hull and foil type of wave generator created by Australian Steven Schmied. For 10 years Schmied developed a system which can be adjusted to produce a variety of waves. Initial design sketches show a foil-and-track set up to be used inside a long rectangular warehouse. The pool itself will be 72m long (230 feet) and 18m (60 feet) in width with a max depth of 2,5m (8 feet). The building housing the pool is a massive 2400 square meters (7,800 square feet) and will use shipping containers and a timber beach to construct surrounding amenities.

On a larger scale, the company plans to build out their design elsewhere around the world, but seeing as Surf Poel’s social media feeds have been dormant lately, let’s hope it’s simply a COVID-related delay and not the evaporation of another wave pool. The surf scene in nearby Scheveningen is lively with a core group of Dutch and visiting German surfers crowding the lineups year-round. Surf Poel will add much-needed reliable surf to the area and reside in The Hague.

247Waves Crowdfunding SurfPoel from 247 Waves on Vimeo.

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