How the American Wave Machines/PerfectSwell system works

American Wave Machines/PerfectSwell

PerfectSwell uses a pneumatic system similar to Endless Surf, SurfLoch and others. While there are nuances to the systems that come through in the patents and are obvious to engineers, it’s basically air pushed into the water to create waves. The pneumatics are housed in caissons hidden in a central wall. Software controls the firing sequence of the chambers and the timing and force of the release air. The result is the creation of waves of many different types. At BSR in Waco Texas, PerfectSwell creates both lefts and rights, but only one at a time. Their smaller system in New Jersey at the American Dream Mall offers a split peak wave.

BSR Surf Resort in Texas uses American Wave Machines’ PerfectSwell system and has become the internet darling thanks to the wide array of air waves the system can create. Famous branded waves include the Freak Peak, the Seabass Ramp and Mason Ho’s tube-to-air setting. Waves in Waco average 30-60 yards/meters, and tend to be semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented although short intermediate and beginner surf is available from the system as well. Rides at BSR run about 10 seconds in duration with New Jersey clocking in at between 3-8 seconds depending on the setting. The design creates 120 -160 waves per hour which come in three-wave sets at between 1:10-1:30 apart. Waves created are roughly 2-to- 6-feet but can go bigger. The PerfectSwell system has ongoing projects in Japan, Brazil and Australia.