How the Xing Feng wave pool works

Xing Feng Extreme

A giant foil runs down a track to produce waves on the right and left sides of a central pier. The Chinese Government is backing this design to train athletes for the Olympics so it’s unknown as to how far this design will extend commercially to the rest of the world. The pool is a 700-meter long rectangle with a width of 150 meters. The central machine’s velocity and foil is adjusted to vary wave size and type. Wave frequency is low, even by plow standards with a right and a left generated once each six minutes. This is most likely due to water needing to settle between waves. Surf height is in the 2-to-4-foot range with soft-breaking waves.

Some reports state that the wave is hollow at the beginning and at the ending of the plow’s run. As the system’s builders aren’t looking for buyers just yet (meaning no promotional materials) this wave-making device is likely to remain a mystery for quite some time. Location is in China and will probably remain so.