Jack Robinson checks out Cove’s sample platter

At just 21 years of age, Jack Robinson has been blowing minds all over the world for more than a decade, especially in waves that put fear in even the most experienced surf aficionados.

“When we heard that he was in the Basque Country and keen for a session at Wavegarden, we didn’t hesitate to invite him to our demo center hidden away in the Basque mountainside,” said Wavegarden in a statement.

Born and bred in Western Australia’s heavy pits – and with a world tour qualification in sight – Wavegarden were interested to see what he thought of the diverse spectrum of high performance waves, which include a wide range of turn waves and a handful of steep barrels. 

Julia Muniz joined Jack during the sampling of all the different waves the Cove offers

Travelling throughout Europe with his partner Julia Muniz, Jack found himself with some downtime in between WQS events and was eager to hone his small wave repertoire in preparation for his next bout.

“My first impression is really positive”, Jack explained at the end of the day, visibly surfed-out after slaying literally hundreds of waves. “You don’t get sick of it, you just get physically tired.”

This was Jack’s first time at a venue with man-made waves and he was sold on the possibilities for personal improvement.

“As a training tool, to get better and perfect your technique, it’s leaps and bounds ahead. The turn waves are crazy for linking proper manoeuvers and the barrel waves reminded me of small Teahupo’o. They were just draining from the take-off, where you just point your board to the beach and hang on. There’s definitely a lot of room to progress your surfing.”

Jack Robinson enjoying the heavy setting at the Cove R&D facility

With Urbnsurf soon to open a Wavegarden Cove in Melbourne, Australia, Jack was frothing at what this would represent for his fellow compatriots and visitors from around the globe.

“It is really going to be exciting for many people who don’t have a lot of time to go surfing, it’s going to open up many doors and it is going to be interesting to see how many good surfers will come from inland destinations.”

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