Jamie O’Brien’s California wave pool tour

Jamie O’Brien grew up on the North Shore overlooking Pipe/Backdoor. It’s said that on any day he gets the pick of the set waves. So why would he be interested in a wave pool?

Three reasons come to mind: #1 because it’s summer and the North Shore is flat; #2 He’s surfing Kelly’s wave in Lemoore with a handful of his video crew #3 He’s also surfing The Palm Springs Surf Club wave pool which is internet gold at the moment. Digital visibility is how J.O.B. earns a living, so it’s a natural fit.

The YouTube vlogger with nearly 500K subscribers performs his usual antics on foam board while wearing speedos all while reiterating just how psyched he is about it all.

“I’m having a really hard time surfing this wave but also having a really great time surfing this wave,” says O’Brien. “Surfing is all about new experiences and finding new ways to ride new waves.”

Later, J.O.B. ventures south five hours on the highway and rolls up to the Palm Springs Surf Club with OG alpha vlogger Casey Neistat. The crew explore Tom Lochtefeld’s technology and a sample platter of barrels.

J.O.B. impress with fin-first pits and lots of tube time. Casey, on his backhand, doesn’t fare as well.

The P.S.S.C. is the wave pool internet sensation of the moment with a steady barrage of Instagram fodder and vlogger visits. Cheyne Magnusson and company have created the perfect photo studio with clear aqua water and a repeatable wave.

The Palm Springs Surf Club is scheduled to open in the fall of this year.