Japan to open surf stadium with Waco tech prior to the Olympics

California’s American Wave Machines, Inc. announced a joint project with Surf Stadium Japan (SSJ) this week to build a wave pool in Shizunami.

The project has already broken ground and officials stated the facility will be surf-able as early as June 2020. If these timeline estimates are correct, Japan will bust a bottle of champagne on the new wave pool one month prior to the Olympic flame’s running through Tokyo.

“This project is the realization of a vision four years in the making,” said Tooshihiko Adachi, CEO of Surf Stadium Japan. “Our goal has always been to contribute to the deep and vibrant surf culture in Makinohara. With our project, we will be able to expand the surfing community by offering recreational surf and at the same time contribute to athlete development. ”

According to the press release, SSJ selected American Wave Machines’ PerfectSwell® technology (like at BSR and American Dream mall) to meet the demands of rapidly expanding and enthusiastic surf community in the area.”

The area of Shizunami in Japan. No specific location has been given for the new surf stadium, but the options are many.

The area’s main surfing organization, Nippon Surfing Association, is stoked about the new training facility and event site.

“In the near future wave pools will be a key part of optimal training with repeat made-to-order waves,” said Kimifumi Imoto, Director, Nippon Surfing Association. “PerfectSwell Surf Stadium Japan will offer international Surf Teams the opportunity to train in an environment that closely mimics ocean conditions with natural sets at similar wave and set frequencies found in the ocean.”

Although the 2020 Olympics will be salted and not take place in a wave pool as the world initially anticipated, the addition of new, perfect surf spots from companies like American Wave Machines indicates a robust future for surfing, both in Japan and globally.

“We are well aware of the level of effort to have surfing approved for the 2020 Olympics. Hats off to the International Surfing Association for this extraordinary accomplishment,” said Bruce McFarland, CEO of AWM. “Surfing will be on the world stage in Japan. AWM is extremely honored to work with the visionaries at SSJ and participate in the growth of the local and global surf community.”

More on this new wave pool as information comes forth.