Urbnsurf holds court for Ferrari and JS Industries

Shaper to the stars Jason Stevenson, the monogram behind JS Industries (the board label with a tractor on it) has one of the most loyal teams in surfing. He’s shaped boards for four World Champions and a host of top 32 pros. Recently tractor logo met horse logo as Mr. JS mixed it up with Ferrari’s new F8 Spyder in a clip of team riders at the Urbnsurf Australia wave pool.

The Italian carmaker was on-site in Melbourne to launch their new supercar – shhh it’s a secret, well, OK, it’s the F8 Spyder but don’t tell anyone – and JS was on hand to have his team riders, including Joel Parkinson, Dingo Morrison, Mateus Herdy and Dusty Payne go big. The result? A rapid-fire edit of airs and snaps complete with fuzzed-out riff rock from the Goggs.

“So, all afternoon in the foreground Ferrari set up the release of their new F8 Spyder, while we ‘warmed up’ to be the 10 mins of entertainment for that night’s show,” said JS. “Dingo surfed a twin better than ever, Parko couldn’t get off his new Monsta Box 2020, and Louie only went right to work on his layback tube stance.”