Ka’ana Wave Co enters production deal with AdvanTec

This week Ka’ana Wave Co. formally announced an agreement with leading manufacturer AdvanTec Global Innovations Inc. The partnership gives Ka’ana the resources required to rapidly scale up manufacturing to provide global service and support for their CM7-Series installations.

Ka’ana’s first CM7-Medium-wave machine, capable of producing a variety of deep-water, stationary waves, is already in production with the legacy marine engineering and manufacturing company.

ka'ana and advantec wave pool manufacturing
Working with a local company that has global reach and expertise positions Ka’ana Wave Co extremely well as they go to market with their production units.

“The importance of sourcing a manufacturing partner who understood our objectives and was invested in our success was paramount and working with a leadership team that was aligned with our goals was essential,” said Jamie Watson, CEO of Ka’ana. “With these considerations, we determined that AdvanTec Global Innovations Inc. was the ideal partner in supporting our team to design, engineer, and manufacture our CM7-Series machines.”

Jamie says the CM7-Series wave technology was conceived to bring surfing to surf-less communities and that the partnership guarantees they will deliver on that.

wave pool execs Ka’ana’s CEO Jamie Watson, CFO Geoff Miachika and VP Brand & Marketing Andy Rogers
Left to Right; Ka’ana’s CEO Jamie Watson, CFO Geoff Miachika and VP Brand & Marketing Andy Rogers tour the facility as production of the first CM7-Medium is underway. The team is excited to have the first machine operational in early 2022.

Brad Miller of AdvanTec says the partnership means more people surfing in formerly waveless locations.
“We are excited to apply our globally successful commercialization model to Ka’ana’s ground-breaking surf technology,” said Brad Miller “As technology and equity partners, we are confident we can significantly accelerate the worldwide rollout of Ka’ana wave projects. We are committed to the success of Ka’ana, the success of their customers, and helping introduce many thousands of people to the exciting sport of surfing.”

Vancouver-based Ka’ana Wave Co. Inc. provides access to surfing, for hotels, resorts, waterparks, municipalities, and mixed-use developments. Their CM7-Series wave machines produce a variety of stationary, deep-water waves, and can be installed in an existing body of water.

ka'ana wave pool test model
Ka’ana and AdvanTec’s design team are already scaling up from our test basin model to a full-size CM7-Medium machine, where we will be able to demonstrate our Barrel, Wake and Hydraulic jump waves early next year.
AdvanTec Canada’s HQ operates out of its 100,000 sq ft facility in Chilliwack, BC with other locations in neighboring Alberta and Oregon in the US.
advantec and ka'ana wave co
With a long history of marine engineering, attention to detail is still paramount in everything they do. AdvanTec will provide design and engineering support, along with procurement services, to deliver the highest quality of attraction at the most competitive prices.