Latest Surf Lakes clip confirms “more” design premise

With all the fanfare surrounding the launching of two full-size Wavegarden Coves, we were paid a reminder that Surf Lakes, the steampunk engine that could, is hot on track to move some new licenses.

In a recent corporate video for investors, the company promoted the things that make Surf Lakes a unique alternative to the Wavegarden Cove design. Their latest news release promotes the fact that there are no fences or machinery staring you in the face when you surf, and more.

Other benefits include color-coded breaks, so users won’t have to wait for a session suited to their particular skill level. Another perk is the added shoreline surrounding the wave pool – offering more beachfront property for hotels, restaurants, and other money-makers.

“Our latest corporate licensee video highlights the features and competitive advantages of our 5 Waves technology,” says Wayne Dart of Surf Lakes. “For those developing a surf park, simultaneously wave variety, maximum user throughput and multiple revenue opportunities is vital.”

A still from Surf Lakes’ recent corporate video breaking down how many surfers each of its breaks can handle.

But the biggest takeaway from the clip is that we get a proper visualization at how the Surf Lakes system wave pool will accomodate 200 surfers at a time spread across their entire facility.

The Surf Lakes system works via a central plunger that pushes out a wave in 360 degrees (visualize a stone dropped in a pond). The waves fan out and meet specialized bathymetry to produce peaks, slabs beach breaks and a variety of other types of breaks. The company’s branding is on the principle that they are the only wave pool on the market to deliver “5 Wave Technology.”

Surf Lakes opened its test facility in Yeppoon one year ago. After the connecting rod to the main plunger broke, they have been busy repairing and improving the system. The company added that while the machine and systems are all working well, the engineering team is constantly gathering data and surfer feedback and that the learning from each session has been “phenomenal.”

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