Multi-use pass wave pool trend on point at The Wave

Bristol group announces Surfer Saver program

The brand new 180m inland surfing lake near Bristol is the wave pool hit of the Northern Hemisphere. Despite it being deep winter, European and North American surfers are making the pilgrimage to try out the first full-size Wavegarden Cove.

To satisfy a hearty local crew of UK surfers the folks at The Wave have launched a Surfer Saver program, a 12-session pass. With a price tag of £400 ($525US), the card will grant surfers a discount for buying multiple sessions at once.

“When talking to surfers at The Wave, one of the most commonly asked questions is how can I get to surf more, I loved it so much!” said founder Nick Hounsfield. “That’s why we decided to launch the Surfer Saver, which gives people the ability to pay a set price upfront and then use the sessions at any point they want within a year.”

Purchase price for the Surfer Saver is £400 and allows 12 surf sessions at roughly the cost of nine. The Wave says each surf session works out to £34 so users save £10 per session.

Other frequent-user cards include BSR Surf Resort season passes and Urbnsurf’s multi-tiered program. Hounsfield says The Wave’s pass offering allows a lot of freedom.

“It can be used every month or even across 12 days in one go if you’re on a holiday. By paying upfront you also don’t need to worry what time of year you visit – it makes no difference to the price if you choose to use all 12 on weekends in peak season! It’s been a real hit with surfers who have already become our regulars, as well as those making New Year’s resolutions to catch more waves in 2020.”

The pass is on sale now and available for a limited time only. Surfers must purchase before February 14th.