Stroke into the wave of a lifetime. Get tubed. Fall. Yell at John John.

“Fall! Fall!” is the silent mantra at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch. Each session is lined with paying surfers dishing ill wishes of sudden clumsiness on their best friends. Poaching a wave at Kelly’s from the fallen can lead to the best wave of your life. Consequently, it’s a karmic battlefield out there.

Join Nathan Florence for 20 minutes of POV surfing in Lemoore. Nathan plays tour guide during an elite session at Kelly’s wave bringing you along with a crew that includes brother John John. It’s fun stuff. And you can pretend it’s you sitting in the lineup cheering on your friends as they get barrelled, launch airs and carve the perfect lefts and rights of central California. Just don’t be bruised when your ESP picks up those silent messages of “fall!”

Endless Surf 2023A