New coaching program at The Wave targets skilled surfers

Wave pools have long been tapped as the perfect venue to improve one’s surf skills. But most programs out there focus on the beginning/intermediate surfer. At the other end of the spectrum are the elite training sessions geared for the professional level. But what about those surfers somewhere in between, you know advanced but not quite QS warrior ready?

The Wave announced this week that it is launching advanced coaching – a premium coaching experience designed to offer expert guidance to improve the technique of skilled surfers. The coaching will be given by ISA Level 2 qualified surf coaches and will be £130 ($160) for a three-hour experience, with a maximum of 3 participants per session.

Sessions will consist of a meet and greet with the coach, a group warm-up and briefing, followed by an hour-long surf on The Wave’s Advanced setting. All rides are filmed by the coaching team. After the surf, there is an hour of performance analysis in The Wave’s new advanced coaching zone. As a follow-up, surfers will receive a video of their session accompanied by the coach’s annotations.

The amphitheater setting of the world’s wave pools creates the perfect observation zone. The Wave has taken note of this and is now offering skilled surfer coaching sessions.

“These coaching sessions will focus on an individual’s technique using video analysis,” said Matty Hammersley, Senior Surf Coach at The Wave. “Each coaching session will really work on refining technique and allow an in-depth analysis of all phases of surfing a wave. It will offer more experienced surfers the chance to work on particular areas of their surfing and receive feedback.” 

Oliver Hawksworth, the Head of Surfing Experience at The Wave said the new program came into being by popular demand.

“We were frequently asked if we offer more advanced coaching, and we’re delighted to be able to now offer this from our experienced Surf Coach team,” said Hawksworth. “We want to support all our surfers at The Wave, whether you are starting your surfing journey or concentrating on honing more advanced skills.” 

The sessions are available now at The Wave.