Sneak peak of New Jersey’s new indoor wave pool

PerfectSwell tech by American Wave Machines introduced the indoor sister to BSR Surf Resort’s wave pool. The new 1.5-acre lagoon will open to the public on November 27th at the American Dream mall in New Jersey.

In a quick clip produced by AWM, East Coast surfers Cruz Dinofa, Rob Kelly, Quincy Davis and Pat Schmidt lit up a pre-public opening session by tearing into crisp little wedges and tucking into tubes.

Perfect swell is powered by air compression fired off in a sequence from a large wall. The timing of the air is done by sophisticated computer software that allows park users to create a wide variety of waves. The wave very much looks like its kin at Waco, where variations include specialized air sections and the infamous “Freak Peak.”

“To have a similar wave pool (to Waco) open in New Jersey is a big game changer,” Tim Dinofa told NJ.com. “We don’t have to hop on a plane, fly to Texas, spend money on hotel rooms and a rental car. We can just drive to the Meadowlands.”

Cruz Dinofa testing out the indoor new wave pool in New Jersey

The American Dream mall at the Meadowlands is a $5billion project that is so huge that it has to open in sections which they call “chapters.” The first chapter opened on October 25th and includes the ice skating rink and stores. The 3-million square-foot center will be home to 450 shops, services, an indoor theme park and heaps more.

“The surfers had to trudge through the mall in hard hats and safety vests when they visited on October 16 for a surfing session that ended up lasting 12 hours,” reported New Jersey.com

Once completed, American Wave Machines’ PerfectSwell tech will feature prominently in the Dreamworks Waterpark which will include a lazy river, 40 water slides and giant fiberglass representations of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

American Dream said they will have two surf riders from American Wave Machines, one standing the other the soliton wave pool we see in this clip. The company is billing it as the world’s largest indoor wave pool and will offer surf lessons as well.

The American Dream project has evolved over several incarnations and sits just west of New York City. The site has endured the urban abuse that comes with being smack dab in the center of 20 million people. The development of this project has been on-again-off-again for nearly two decades.

First proposed in 2003 by Mills Corp, the original company went into bankruptcy five years later. Then Colony Capital stepped in until they ran out of funds for the (then) $3.7billion project and in 2009 parted ways. Canadian developer Triple Five, the folks behind the Mall of America in Edmonton Canada, also built the indoor, but not-surf-specific Blue Thunder wave pool.