Melbourne gets another wave pool project

The City of Kingston in Melbourne’s southeast is getting an Endless Surf wave pool as part of a planned $100 million project. Artist renderings show the new surf spot surrounded by water slides, a human-made beach, and family attractions.

In a similar fashion to the Palm Springs Surf Club revamping the Wet n’ Wild water park in the desert of Southern California, the Surf n Play Aqua Park in Melbourne will be built on the old site of Zagame’s Wild Water Park.
In many cases, the transformation of an abandoned facility into a surf park is more easily approved by local city councils than projects built from scratch on undeveloped land.

Media outlet The Urban Developer reported that the group behind the project, Pellicano Developers, have reached “agreements in principle” with local government agencies.

Urbnsurf opened last year on the other side of Melbourne, about 50 minutes away, and when not suffering COVID shutdowns has been doing great business.

whitewater's endless surf design
WhiteWater’s Endless Surf design features a unique heart shape and multiple-level surfer zones

The transformation of Zagame’s Wild Water Park would include 1.8 hectares of indoor pools and 1.3 hectares of outside space. The fact that the facility is using surfing as its central draw signifies the appeal of surf-focused wave pools.

The system powering the development is Endless Surf by water park veterans Whitewater. Endless Surf uses a unique heart-shaped pool with pneumatic wave drivers sequenced by sophisticated software. While the company has been in the water development game for 40 years, their entrance into the surf pool game has been well received in the surf park community. The company has half a dozen pools in planning, including La Vague Grand Paris.

Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia with nearly 5 million residents. If all goes according to plan, the Surf n Play Aqua Park will open in 2024.

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