New pool planned with Webber Wave Pool technology

World’s first commercial Webber Wave Pool sights on Queensland location

Greb Webber, shaper, surfer and designer of Webber Wave Pools technology has licensed his services to Tunnel Vision Wave Park on the Gold Coast.

According to news from the Tunnel Vision Wave Park, the new facility will be an Australian first, delivering up to 500 waves per hour peeling both left and right and hit heights of two meters (six feet).

Length of ride in the new wave pool technology is purported to be 20 seconds. For comparitive measures, Kelly’s Wave averages 40-second rides and the BSR Surf Ranch in Waco clocks in at 9-10 seconds (depending on setting.)

“We have teamed with Webber Wave Pools and Australia’s leading engineering and development firms,” said Tunnel Vision in a statement. “To deliver mind-blowing waves including barrels, open faces and critical sections for off-the-top turns or airs, as well as super fun learn to surf waves for foamie startups.

Where and When?

Tunnel Vision Wave Park is slated to break ground at a location 30-minutes south of Brisbane International Airport and about 50 minutes north of the Gold Coast Airport. Although somewhat vague on the Tunnel Visions Website, there is some online speculation the location will be Logan City.

“You’ve probably heard that the location is a stone’s throw from the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia – and you’d be correct,” Tunnel Visions added.

“We are in the process of applying for Development Approval with the local council and because they are a rad bunch of people we’re making sure all of our applications are as tight as last year’s wetsuit.”


Like all current wave pool developments, this one partners a wave pool technology company, in this case, Webber Wave Pools, and a company with the dream to open up a surfing wave pool. The tech and partnership fill a growing list of tech/developer marriages including URBNSURF/Wavegarden, BSR/American Wave Machines and Siam Park/Murphy’s Waves.

The Technology

“Our strategic partner, Webber Wave Pools has evolved its core wave-making system over 10+ years to adapt to a growing industry focused on providing a commercially successful wave pool,” added Tunnel Visions. “Greg Webber has spent over 30 years in the surf industry and over 10 years refining wave pool technology with thousands of field tests and in-depth laboratory testing by the University of Tasmania.”

On building the new wave pool facility the company added, “It’s a little more tricky than that massive Lego set you had to put together last Christmas for your needy little nephew, but we’ll get there.”

Prices and Hours

Cost of each session or season passes wasn’t listed. “We have a few ideas being thrown around on what a single session will cost,” they said on the website. “We will be getting feedback from Tunnel Vision members in the near future.”

The company also did not give a date as to when you might be able to go for a surf at Tunnel Visions, but they do have a boatload of merchandise up at their e-shop already including hats, T-Shirts and the like.

Those eager to reserve a session can register here at Tunnel Visions. We will follow this story as it develops.

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