New renders and new animation update our collective Surf Lakes knowledge

Surf Lakes has been busy lately, launching new graphics to show how the system works as well as new concept renders for the famous plunger.

In a new YouTube video post Surf Lakes partnered with New Motion Productions to show people how the generated pressure moves the plunger up and down.

“This was a fun project to work on,” said Brad Hutchins of Surf Lakes. “We wanted to create a simple visual representation of how this unique technology works, so we  put together this sharp little animation.”

In the clip viewers can see how the compressed air travels into the “pressure pot” to push the plunger stroke. Stroke height and frequency determine the types of waves produced. Check the video for full breakdown.

The iconic hub at Surf Lakes also got a makeover in several renders released by the company. The artwork shows various design options for different Surf Lakes facilities.

With the transformation of the plunger, Surf Lakes can refine their messaging from “Mad Max outback test facility,” to urban sports or resort destination anchor facility.

“The renders in this video walk you through three different worlds that Surf Lakes developments will commonly exist in: Resort, Sports Precinct, and Urban,” the company said in a statement.

For an up-close-and-personal visit to the Yeppoon test facility, see the WavePoolMag video below.