New Thermal Beach Club video shows wave pool

The Thermal Beach Club by WhiteStar Development was approved by Riverside County, California, however, we’ve not heard any further announcements regarding the advancement of the project. Until this week. TBC Animation has launched a Vimeo on part of Martin Aquatic that showcases the development complete with pumping surf from Endless Surf technology.

More on Thermal Beach Club:

150 miles from the Pacific Ocean, in the Californian desert town of Coachella, this billion-dollar project will cover 240 acres, house a private residential community with up to 326 homes and sport a twenty-acre lagoon. Two acres of which will host a wave pool.

The luxury residences, priced from 1 to 3 million dollars, will be set around the lagoon along with six acres of white sand beach, a spa and fitness center, sports courts, retail, pool and swim-up bar, dining facilities and more.

Residents and members will have the ability to use the private airport that’s five minutes away, to fly in, hanger their jets, and be in the water in around 30 minutes. For those who don’t have a residence on the property, they can get a membership for the private club and wave pool with prices starting at $175,000 annually.

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