New wave pool and action sports management team launches

Today marks the official launch of Surfcollab, a company run by three executives from Alaia Bay launched this week. The group was founded in Spring 2023 and said they came to be to meet the growing demand for expertise in the rapidly evolving surfpark and action sports industry.

“We provide expert advice to surf-park and action sport centre developers,” said the company in a statement. “Surfcollab was a natural evolution for the founders who had already worked together on several projects and are now offering their expertise to developers and project owners worldwide.”

The founders of SurfCollab are Bruno Gujer, Mark Fessler, Carlo Pettina and Adam Chambers from Stonewood Design who together have more than fifteen years experience in the wave pool industry.

“What makes us unique is that we have real life project experience,” said Bruno Gujer. “We have worked on several projects internationally and played a key role in delivering one of the most renowned commercial wavepools in central Europe namely Alaïa bay.”

Bruno Gujer, Mark Fessler and Adam Chambers.

The company says they will provide strategic direction, design, budgeting, technical & construction support, key operational readiness insight and a range of management support.

“We have an elite team of experienced proven experts with the purpose of offering developers a-z support services,” continued Bruno. “Currently active in Europe and Asia with enquiries from all over the world, we have the experience to deliver successful surf parks. Our collective is made up of surf, finance, hospitality, architecture, operations, marketing and construction experts.”

SurfCollab added that the company has the unique capacity of connecting the board-riding culture with the real estate and investment industries. 

Main photo Axel Dominguez. Photo by Surfpics