Watching Olympian Kolohe Andino bodyboard Waco makes us smile

It’s difficult to pin what exactly qualifies as a surf film circa 2022. Mediums (remember video cassettes?) and running times have changed heaps. A 90-minute “exploration of slow-motion water dancing” worked in the smoke-filled cinemas of the seventies but today it would be considered a form of punishment to make a grom watch it on their iPhone.

In Unit 38 by Jacob Vanderwork Olympian Kolohe Andino, Taj Linblad and Tanner Rozunko goof around in the shallow end of BSR while spliced amongst seven minutes of dreamy, super-technical surfing. To us, it qualifies (at least at this moment in time) as a surf film.

We spoke with Jacob to find out the ins and outs of filming superstar Kolohe and friends while spending a week in Waco.

What have you done career-wise to get you to filming surfers like Kolohe? Tell us about Stagnant Ambition.
I met Kolohe when I was in fifth grade and always surfed around him but I started filming Griffin Colapinto before him. We became good friends and eventually started to work together. Stagnant Ambition is Kolohe’s production company. I’m a part of it too but it is his. Basically, he just wanted to make something so he didn’t have to put his name on it.

Is this the first “wave pool surf film?”
This actually isn’t my first wave pool film. My first one was with Griffin Colapinto and Connor Coffin three years ago at the surf ranch. (Editor’s note: check the embed at the bottom of this story.)

What was the experience like shooting in Waco – chill, stressed, weather, bbq, etc.
Going to Waco was one of the best trips ever! Kolohe got so pool much time he let me surf with him haha. Filming is fun too. It’s non-stop and scheduled, so I know when they are going to start and finish. Everyone that works there to is amazing!

Share with us something most people don’t know about BSR or Kolohe or Taj
Taj and Kolohe actually had a hard time Bodyboarding hahaha. There were many falls and it took them a while to make the barrel. I honestly think it might have been their first time doing it, but they said it was insane.

You can find more of Jacob’s work on his Instagram and the Stagnant Ambition YouTube channel