BSR tweaks settings to give USA Olympic team Japan-esque conditions

The BSR Surf Resort hosted a special Olympic training camp for the US Surf Team as they prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

USA Surfing team members Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Courtney Conlogue, Kevin Schulz and Christiaan “Otter” Bailey feasted on a buffet of BSR Surf Resort waves and expertise for gaining competitive advantage for surfing’s debut at the 2021 Games.

BSR’s Perfect Swell technology simulates Japan’s variety-pack of wave conditions, giving world No. 1 Olympic surfer Carissa Moore and Olympic team alternate Lakey Peterson a prime opportunity to test equipment and dial in aerial maneuvers.

“We came with a few objectives to work on and check off the list,” said USA coach Brett Simpson. “We were able to do that and more with all the reps and collective feedback. It was a very successful trip and everyone is looking forward to going back soon.”

Waco wave pool with Carissa Moore boosting
USA Surf Team member Carissa Moore has been training off and on at Waco since it first opened. The surfers who provisionally qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games are Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks and John John Florence.

Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, John John Florence, and Kolohe Andino qualified to represent Team USA in surfing’s first Olympics. Kelly Slater and Lakey Peterson are team alternates. Each of these surfers already has and/or will have the opportunity to train at BSR in the months leading up the Olympics.  

The larger athlete contingent participating in the training helped provide feedback in refining the wave pool settings and other preparations. Most have surfed in Japan many times and all have great insights to share. 

Global Action Sports Foundation President Brandon Lowery brought together athletes and experts from Olympic surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding to share advice and experiences. For example, multiple medal-winning Olympic snowboarding coach and athlete J.J. Thomas shared how his sport’s debut on the world’s largest sporting stage was a powerful, life-changing event. 

kelly slater and jackson dorian
Team USA Alternate Kelly Slater watches Jackson Dorian at BSR Surf Resort: Photo Rob Henson

“Preparing for the world’s largest sporting stage and Japan’s beach-break surf conditions are brand new,” said USA Surfing CEO Greg Cruse. “We have an extra year to prepare and we’re taking full advantage of that.”

Olympics/Olympic Channel caught up with Carissa Moore in between pool sessions. Team USA’s medal prospect talked about how she’s using the extra time with the Olympic postponement, the role models that inspire her future family goals, and the up-and-coming groms pushing the sport to new levels.

Hero Image: The Olympic surfing model was set by the ISA World Surfing Games. Photo by ISA/Ben Reed