Palm Desert confirms Cove to power wave pool

DSRT Surf confirmed this week they will be using Wavegarden’s Cove technology. The group behind the project, Desert Wave Ventures, will transform the sand and scrub of one of Southern California’s fastest-growing areas into a 5-acre surf centre.

The surf centre will be surrounded by an 18 acre master plan that includes a golf resort, hotels, restaurants and lux villas. The project will cost an estimated $200million with work beginning at the end of this year. Opening day will come in 2021.

“I’m very excited to announce the DSRT Surf project I’m a part of,” said Josh Kerr via Instagram. “This world class surf pool resort will be nestled into the beautiful surroundings of Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert.”

“We have an amazing team that has spent countless hours in the last 2 years to make this dream a reality. We’re getting close to having it across the line and breaking ground!” Added Kerr. “More than anything I’m excited to spend time out here with my family and friends! Yes of course you’re all invited too!”

Project developer John Luff said the choice to use the Cove tech is based on Wavegarden’s understanding of waves-per-hour and how that translates into visitors.

“Is it the best air wave?” Luff told Surfline. “No. But do they have the most well-rounded model? Yes. I think the Cove has proven, dollar-for-dollar, that it’s best on the return. And we will be open to the public, but the focus will be on a slightly more premium experience.”

Along with the usual hurdles wave pools face, one potential cog in the wheel is the new California legislation sponsored by Kelly Slater Wave Company. When the legislation launched it capped the number of surfers in the wave pool, or “wave basin” in this case, to 40.

A full-size Cove can accommodate 80 surfers at once, which under the new legislation would push a packed DSRT Surf pool onto the wrong side of California law.

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