Pool party chaos leads to at least two new sports

When the whole concept of surf-able wave pools sprung up this is exactly what we hoped it would look like. Fun, creative and little reckless.

Kalani Robb lit up Instagram this week with footage of surf maestro Blair Conklin and crew inventing new surf-sports at the Palm Springs Surf Club. The Laguna skimboard champ used a winch cable to heighten his skim, bodyboard and softboard experience, charting new pool surf-ability in the process.

Other surfers to join the party in this clip include Palm Springs Surf Club visionary Cheyne Magnussen, the CatchSurf team and Kalani Robb’s remote control surfer. The whole thing went down under the watchful lens of Chris Monroe, the director behind YouTube’s Beef’s TV.

“We got the opportunity to go do some testing at the Palm Springs Surf Club test pool,” Chris told us. “Blair pretty much broke the internet with his unprecedented winch-skim-in-surf-slab-tuberino. Little freak. Stoked Kalani lined up the winch concept and Cheyne Magnussen made the perfect waves for it. Stoked Blair pulled off the unthinkable under pressure!”

Oh, and the two new sports? “Winch-Tow-Pool-Skim” and “Remote-Control-Surfer-Dodging.”