Photo Essay: Surf Lakes 2.0 testing hits the zen button

What Jeff Divine’s rainbow shots at Pipe were to 1970s surf media, this latest round of Surf Lakes images are to the wave pool set. Why? Because in the age of Insta posts, likes and shares are mostly action-generated. From Kevin Schulz’ flip at Waco to Kelly’s twin-finning at the Surf Ranch, the world prefers big airs to big art.

When Surf Lakes 2.0 fired out larger surf as part of its commissioning process last month, we noticed something different. The usual perfunctory service of press images illustrating the mechanics of how wave testing fared, was now being serviced by beautiful and moody photos.

Smitten by the lense-work of Dany Taylor, we decided to collect a few of for your visual enjoyment. And while you might think this would all make a better Insta or Facebook post remember, it takes the full screen of a laptop or tablet to appreciate the beauty in each image.

Surf Lakes left

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