Podcast: Deep insight into the wave park creation process with Skip Taylor

Skip and his team’s job is to help surf parks be profitable. Duties include everything from advising on construction planning, customer experiences, food logistics, locker placement and even towel choices. But the crown jewel of responsibilities, at least in our opinion, is Surf Park Management‘s role in deciding which wave company technology works best for a particular client.

In this latest episode of the WavePoolMag Podcast we discuss Skip’s background, the wave pool industry as a whole and how he started Surf Park Management. Probably the best story was when he flew down to some country in Central America to the location of a proposed surf park and was shocked to find a sex store and a gun shop neighboring the property. Location is pretty important! 

We dig into his Turtle Bay Hotel project on the North Shore of Hawaii after he did the turnaround there: ramping up mountain biking trails; helping Hans Hedemann to uplift his surf school; he brought in the APP Stand Up world tour; created restaurants and bar venues with lifestyle programming. His business partner, Kate and him met and then went to the 2017 Snowdonia Surf Park Summit. They presented their new concept of third-party management and consulting within wave pools and it was well received by the industry. 

In this Podcast we also discuss:

  • Coral Mountain with Kelly’s Wave and private residential projects
  • Surf training and a fully enhanced progression program.
  • A deep insight into the wave park creation process and a how to for people who want to get into the space and who to call. 
  • Diversity of new technologies that are coming in to the market: wave in your backyard…