Podcast explores depth of wave pool stories & personalities

So often there’s much more to the wave pool story than can be said in print. While creating WavePoolMag and diving into this niche news cycle, we discovered a deep well of backstories to each personality dotting this fascinating landscape. These are stories too good to pass up.

That’s why we’ve created the WavePoolMag Podcast. Hosted by South African journalist Nick Robinson, each episode will shine a light on the engineers, entrepreneurs, pros and the visionaries who have a unique wave pool story to tell.

“Every person in this space has a back story,” says Nick. “Behind all the million-dollar projects there are key players loaded with determination to cover new, unexplored territory. It’s a privilege to be able to reveal their paths to success in a podcast dedicated to Wave Pools, the people who build them, run them and surf them.”

Is it simple drive and determination that pushes a human to build something like this? Or is Aaron Trevis of Surf Lakes just plain crazy? Find out in an upcoming episode.

Each week Nick will turn the mic to a wave pool designer, a park developer, pro surfer or any one of a number of rocket personalities orbiting the wave pool world.

The first episodes will feature Andy Ainscough from Adventure Park Snowdonia, Aaron Trevis of Surf Lakes fame, Andrew Ross from the upcoming URBNSURF Melbourne and many more to come.

“There is an opportunity to recreate nature here” added Nick. “It’s a fascinating alternative property development to traditional golf courses and there are so many big issues to discuss. You can imagine a harmonious development blended into nature. The sheer volume and diversity of wave pool projects being dreamed up around the world is phenomenal!”

Nick welcomes you to the podcast and explains who we will interview, when we will release a new episode, how long they will be and why he is doing this.

Drop in each week on Thursdays at 16h00 CET for a new episode. Available on our site over on www.wavepoolmag.com/podcast (sign up to our email list to be alerted of new episodes), iTunes or Apple Podcasts (coming soon), Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein, Google Podcasts (coming soon), Podchaser and any other podcatcher in the coming weeks.

“I’m really stoked to be at the forefront of sharing wave pool news and views from many of the global players in the surf lagoon industry. It’s a fascinating alternative property development to traditional golf courses and there are so many big issues to discuss. In the words of the WSL CEO, surfing is now at a major inflection point. Why? Due to the proliferation of cool surf images on social media, the inclusion of surfing in the 2020 Olympic Games and because of the rise of the machine-driven wave pool.

I really hope you enjoy all the hard work Bryan, myself and our team are putting into this.”



Algarve, Portugal September 2019

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