How this big wave surfer will transform Bavarian surfing through o2 SURFTOWN MUC

I’m at the construction site at o2 SURFTOWN MUC with Michi Mohr. He’s a large, intimidating figure with thick hands and a disarming smile – warm, sincere and just a tad goofy. We walk around the construction site while wave pool maker Endless Surf runs a multitude of tests. Michi stops to pick up an empty box for the recycling bin, cleans up an errant Firewire demo board and eyes the area for other disarray. But it’s a construction site. I mean the park isn’t even completed and here’s Michi making things as orderly as possible which, if we’re being honest, isn’t possible at this point in time. I wanted to find out why this surfer, who left Bavaria decades ago to chase waves around the world, had returned to Munich to become Chief Surfing Officer and how his way of running things will work here at a wave pool just a stone’s throw from the airport.