Why Greg Webber has been in the wave pool industry for over 15 years

Has Greg Webber been at this game longer than anyone else? Maybe not, but he sure has a ton of fascinating insights and excellent ideas surrounding the wave pool space. You can check him out on www.webberwavepools.com Before we kicked off the interview Greg inferred to me that he had no problem in my drilling him about the fact that he essentially broadcasts the fact that his wave pools are the best in the world but none have been built. Well, hold your horses, hopefully, a Webber wave pool is taking shape in Orlando, Florida right now and a V-reef is under development near Perth, Australia.

Webber Wave Pools show notes

  • We kick off with some light banter about girls and waves.
  • Smacking into a German near Currumbin, Australia at 10 years of age.
  • Right-hand rip banks at Bondi on a coolite surfboard.
  • Dead friends and absence of control when he was a kid and surfing at South Head, Sydney.
  • Surf trips to Bali, Hawaii and getting Malaria in Indonesia.
  • 11:30 Webber Wave Pools
  • Thinking about wave machines and a video from a U.S. University kicked off the idea of getting a patent for his creations.
  • Greg talks about patents and patent law and hints at his tussle with Kelly Slater.
  • Webber Wave Pool’s three different wave solutions: wave system, v-reef, v-wall.
  • Greg quickly mentions Penrith Wave Pool.
  • Ocean Sports Development (Anthony Brown) is discussed in more detail. They have three projects, one of which is in Orlando, Florida hopefully breaking ground in January 2020.
  • 40 wave pools from all wave tech makers by 2025.
  • He talks about conical tubes and the foam ball itself.
  • Cheaper wave pools will make them much more accessible and expand the sport a lot more.
  • Webber wave pools create a Kelvin wake similar to the wave behind a boat.
  • V-Reefs at Triggs Beach near Perth, Australia and the benefits of V-reefs.
  • An aside about Beach Grit and the state of modern surf journalism. We mention Nick Carrols “New Sarcasm” article.
  • Back to V-reefs and how they fit into the bigger picture of floating cities which is a real thing. Check out what the United Nations says about it. Oceanix is spearheading the drive.
  • The profit involved for developers in V-reefs and how they impact the property price of beachfront developments.
  • An oversupply of waves…
  • Greg mentions Tom Blake