Pool surfers encouraged to participate in new survey

A growing number of wave pool participants and a slew of planned pools around the globe will see more people stoked on surfing than ever before. And by sheer dent of numbers, it’s likely to mean more injuries too.

Surfing Medicine International (SMI) is launching a survey called the Wave Pool SURFEY that’s aimed at clarifying injury patterns from the surfing we tend to do in wave pools. Those interested can take the Surfey here.

Surfing in a tank is, for better and worse, much different than its ocean counterpart. Hazards include concrete walls, closer proximity to other surfers and the odd three-beer apero followed by a night session. That said, few bodies of water are as closely monitored as a wave pool.

SMI is a network of over 1,400 Medical Doctors throughout 36 countries, covering a range of medical specialties and sciences. Their work aims to implement medical and health standards for surfing, with the goal of ‘keeping the surfer healthy and safe’.

“Our work is proudly contributing to the WHO drowning guidelines and many other medical publications, helping millions of surfers to stay healthier,” said Ogi Markovic, SMI’s co-founder.

Along with offering a free Surf First Aid App, SMI is also authoring the surfing chapter for the official International Olympic Committee’s Get Set App.

With the data from the Wave Pool Surfey, SMI plans to educate the wider medical world. SMI plans to produce injury response information, and put in place medical standard operating procedures for wave pool related injuries.

Main photo by Image Cabin

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