Pools primed as Rapid Surf League kicks off 2021 season

Rapid Surf League’s Quirin Rohleder brings us up to speed on this innovative tour, the first event of which will run on a Citywave for the RSL Pro at Jochen Schweizer Arena in July 2021

River surfer, stationary wave riders, floating wave riders – the best of them will finally be back under Rapid Surf League’s roof in 2021. United as rapid surfers in an exciting contest format we will find out who developed the best style and most radical maneuver combos at their home breaks. With so much talent it will be hard to say who will come out on top in the end. We do however know that it will be amazing! We will be back with the RSL ranking of 2019, the national champions and wildcards to celebrate yet another Rapid Surfing Extravaganza. 

Thanks to the engagement of our presenting partner Versicherungskammer Bayern and the great cooperation with Jochen Schweizer Arena, we will organize an amazing event and live stream in cooperation with national TV broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk and we are very much looking forward to it. 

More event related info such as date and league 2021 updates at the end of this month. 

Laura Haustein (GER), Nicolas Marusa (GER)


The Jochen Schweizer Arena is an artificial rapid just outside Munich in Taufkirchen. During the Munich Pro the best European rapid surfers will battle it out in RSL’s own Cut: 2 Call format in front of the most critical crowd there is. Great news which we want to share with all of you through the most exhilarating rapid surfing webcast to date. Jochen Schweizer Arena is the location for Citywave’s first ever indoor location and offers perfect contest conditions with balmy 24 to 26 degrees water temperature.

Defending Munich Pro champions: Janina Zeitler / Nicolas Marusa

The current RSL ranking is made up of the three 2019 RSL events. The top 4 women and top 10 men are seeded. More info on the current ranking here.

Qualification for the Rapid Surf League:
We value the collaboration with the national federations. Seed 5, 6 and 7 of the women and 11, 12 and 13 of the men are reserved for the Swiss, Austrian and German national rapid surfing champions. In case of double qualifications we nominate down to 3rd place of the nationals. After that the wildcard goes to the RSL.

National champions currently qualified (women):
Seed 5, Switzerland: Corinne Hafen
Seed 6, Austria: Johanna Lackner
Seed 7, Germany: Valeska Schneider, German Vice Champion 2020. 
Janina Zeitler, German Champion 2020, is seeded.
Seed 8, Event Location Wildcard: TBC

National champions currently qualified (men):
Seed 11, Switzerland: Vincent Schneider
Seed 12, Austria: Jakob Griessner, Austrian Vice Champion 2020. 
Daniel Brunnhuber, Austrian Champ 2020, is seeded.
Seed 13, Germany: Antonin Meier, German Vice Champion 2020. 
Nicolas Marusa, German Champion 2020, is seeded.
Seed 14, Event Location Wildcard: TBC
Seed 15, Local Legend: decided through a local surf jam or a regular qualification on a prelim day.
Seed 16: Slipping in Sideways (SIS): this spot is for top athletes from rapid surfing related disciplines (surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc) who have serious ambitions in rapid surfing: TBC

National federations:

More on RSL judging, ranking, Cut: 2 Call: www.rapidsurfleague.com 
IG: @rapidsurfleague. Photos: Matze Ried / Rapid Surf League

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