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Check this clip of 5 wave pools side-by-side

Exaimine the difference in shape and speed between BSR Surf Resort, Kelly’s Wave, Snowdonia, Surf Lakes and Wavegarden’s Cove set up. They are all very different waves. If we had to pick one common wave trait for pools it’d be that the pocket of the wave tends to be tight. But apart from that, length of ride, hollow sections, air sections… they are all very different.

Take a look and see for yourself: BSR Surf Resort resembles a fun beach break. Kelly’s Wave is a dream day at Kirra or somewhere in the Mentawai. Snowdonia is a fun, soft point break. Surf Lakes’ slab is a challenging bottomless, keg. The Cove R&D facility is, well, the Cove is a little bit of everything, but mostly looks like a rip-able reef setup.

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