Quick Hit: Guide to airs courtesy of Evan Geiselman and Kevin Schulz

Can you tell a Stalefish Air Reverse from a Frontside Grab Air Reverse? Sounds complicated, but it’s simply a matter of hand placement on the rail.

In this clip, Evan Geiselman and Kevin Schulz play a game of S-U-R-F. Modeled after the game of H-O-R-S-E, each surfer trades turns calling out an air and then executing it (or not).

In this clip filmed at BSR Surf Resort last month, Rob Kelly referees an exchange that includes the following tricks: Frontside Grab, Slob Air Reverse, Lein Air, Superman, Slob, Slob to Barrel, Full Rotation, Stalefish Air Reverse, Kerrupt Flip, Front Shuv, Frontside Grab Air Reverse, Straight Air to Barrel, Backside Air Reverse, Backside Cork,

The PerfectSwell posted the clip on their YouTube channel, noting the surfers’ bravery in the harsh conditions. “It’s worth mentioning that these guys were performing at an incredible level all while wearing 5mil wetsuits in frigid temperatures.”