The LineUp at Wai Kai targets mid 2022 opening

Wai Kai issued an update this week detailing progress on the wave pool and its amenities planned for southwest Oahu. Former world number two ranked surfer Shane Beschen dropped to visit the construction site.

“It’s incredible to see the vision turning into reality,” said Beschen, who is collaborating on the development of the Wai Kai Wave. “This is going to be such a fun venue for so many people. The Wai Kai wave will be amazing for surfers of all skill sets and will allow us to do really fun events year-round.”

Now 11 months into construction, Wai Kai will feature the Wai Kai Wave and water activities on the adjacent 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon. The Wai Kai Wave will be 100 feet wide and able to generate variable waves from 4-6 feet high. Powered by citywave®, the technology allows the use of standard surfboards with fins. The venue will be able to run as one channel of 100 feet wide, two channels of 35 or 60 feet, or three channels of 30 feet each.

Construction is progressing for Oahu’s first wave pool

“From The LookOut, you’ll be able to see everything from the action on the Wai Kai Wave and the Wai Kai Lagoon, and beyond to the ocean, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy great food, friends and entertainment,” said Beschen.

The Lagoon also has a sheltered area for stand up paddling, kayaks, guided outrigger canoes, and piloted electric boat cruises. The project plans to hold major surf and waterman competitions for the Wai Kai Wave and Wai Kai Lagoon.

Wai Kai is located within Hoakalei Resort in Ewa Beach and plans to open mid 2022.

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