Rapid wave pool party in Milan showcases tech

UNIT Surf Pool invited a few of the world’s best rapid surfers to surf and enjoy the 10-meter UNIT wave pool in Milan, Italy recently. The event was titled an ‘Expression Session’ and featured some of the world’s best rapid surf athletes from all walks of life.

Legendary rapid surfers and founders of the Rapid Surf League, Quirin Rohleder and Christian Bach were in attendance. With them came some of the brightest young athletes in the League including, Nicolas Marusa and Sophie Puchta. Lastly and certainly most importantly, Matthias Ramoser, the Soul Surfer of Eisbach, joined as well to bless all in attendance with his timeless style and his contagious zest for life.

UNIT packed the house at Wakeparadise Milan with excited fans and surf enthusiasts to watch and enjoy the pros rip on the wave.

“It’s hard finding words to describe the Expression Session,” said Sophie Puchta. “For me, it was just one of those moments where you feel completely at ease with the world and everything around you, like you’re floating. That’s what I love about surfing. Sharing the joy and energy the guys get from the sport was really inspiring for me, seeing how they still reinvent themselves, especially after doing it for such a long time.”

Sophie Puchta (@pickahontas) on a Might Otter Flying Fish. Photo by Matze Reid @matze.reid

Christian Bach of the Rapid Surf League and Mighty Otter Surfboards said the sessions were a magical mix of surf and party.

“I absolutely love the UNIT wave in Milano,” said Bach. “The most perfect of all the artificial rapids I’ve surfed thus far. The face is wide and high, you can generate a ton of speed, lay in on your rails, swap boards for different experiences, turn up the music to get the party started and have a great time with your friends.”

Bach added that having a rapid wave pool has the additional benefit of attracting users from other board sports.

“We’re bringing people from skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing together, developing a unique style in rapid surfing and having a great time,” said Bach. “It feels like the early ’90s in snowboarding to me and the vibe from back then is definitely worth sharing with kids today.”

Matthias Ramoser
Matthias Ramoser. Photo by Matze Reid @matze.reid

Nicolas Marusa is a kid doing just that, developing a unique and incredible style and pioneering a new generation of Rapid Surfers.

“I started surfing rapid waves over seven years ago at the infamous Eisbach. Since then, my goal has always been to get the sport to the next level and to push the physical limits of rapid surfing.”

Marusa said rapid wave pools are a perfect and easy way to bring surfing to areas where there are no oceans or rivers that are suitable for rapid waves.

rapid wave pool in milan italy
Bird’s eye view of the wave pool in Milan. Photo by Matze Ried @matze.reid

OG Eisbach rapid surfer Matthias said the future of the sport will be defined by kids being able to draw a line on a variety of waves and adding their own style, like it was for him.

“I think the future of this sport is to be defined by the kids feeling the stoke and developing their own style and line on any surfable rapid available,” said Matthias. “Just as it has been my future, when I first started surfing on the Isar and Eisbach in Munich over 25 years ago.”

Also in attendance were Tony Finn and Jessica O’Leary, UNIT Distributors in North America.

“It was a truly incredible experience to have some of the best rapid surfers in the world together to surf on the UNIT wave in Milan,” said Finn. “They are taking the sport to new levels, and it is really rewarding to see the UNIT wave help facilitate that progress.”

The two are working closely with UNIT founder Hannes Degenhardt.

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