Cinéma vérité – Raw Clips from The Wave, Bristol

Take in a relaxing two-and-a-half minutes of The Wave on a blustery day in early February 2020 with the surf pumping through on the intermediate setting…

Why? Because sometimes we have to use our college arts degree to sound smart. So here it is: Cinéma vérité was invented by anthropologist Jean Rouch who was inspired by Dziga Vertov’s theory about Kino-Pravda. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you surely know that Kino-Pravda was a series of 1922 newsreels by Vertov and fellow Bohemians who actively set the template for the cinematic methods we enjoy today. Duh. Rouch, inspired, went on to make “Moi, un Noir” and with it influenced Jean-Luc Godard who went on to influence Tarantino. So basically, you’re looking at some high-level artsy content right here. Enjoy.