Ryan Callinan and Morgan Cibilic steep and deep in Yeppoon

Surf Lakes has been busy lately pushing out more and more clips to bracket the wide range of surf park experiences. On one end we have a clean “everyday-user” lineup clip of a brilliant three-wave set and on the other end of the spectrum, slab barrels and a hyper flash edit of Morgan Cibilic and Ryan Callinan.

Morgan became a surf household name when he climbed the ratings last year on the CT, earning an episode of “Make or Break” as well as a WSL Final appearance. Morgan was joined by Merewether compatriot and standout goofyfoot Ryan Callinan for the session in Yeppoon where the two tucked under the ledge on several drainers before opening the “turns” chapter of their session.

The other two clips are worth a watch as well and don’t require affection for WSL CT-level surfing. But slab and lineup clips make the digital surf world go round and we’ll never pass up the chance to drop a few minutes in the coin slot to watch.