Shizunami pool Japan’s most sought after wave

The new PerfectSwell wave pool in Shizunami, Japan hosted Team USA for a training session just ahead of the Olympics. The team took advantage of the Surf Stadium venue to run through moves on the eve of the Tokyo Games.

This year, surfing will make its debut at the Olympics with pro-surfers Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, John John Florence, and Kolohe Andino representing the USA.

“It’s nice to get some waves right off the plane, surf a new wave pool, try out some new boards, and get a bunch of reps. Everyone is ripping. It’s really fun, ” said Caroline Marks.

Carissa Moore said getting to train at the pool ahead of the Games provided repetition. She said this translates to more confidence going into the event window. John John Florence said it’s helped him as he emerges from injury mode.

“The pool has been super fun,” said Florence. “For me, it’s been really good because I’m coming out of an injury right now so just to slowly push a little harder and harder and have the same thing over and over again is pretty cool because you have so much control over it. It’s amazing for repetition and timing.”

While a video clip of the USA team at the new PerfectSwell wave pool is not available yet, non-team member Evan Geiselman stunned the world with his approach to Shizunami’s new air section. (video above)

New wave settings according to PerfectSwell

  • Drainer: Two 3 second+ barrel rides on the same wave
  • WedgePop: The biggest air section yet
  • Highball: A professional surfer’s dream canvas providing opportunities for a variety of manoeuvres and a massive finishing move
  • Roundhouse: Soft in the middle for traditional cutback practice that rolls into a wedge barrel
  • Wedge (Updated): A stretched out slab that leads to improved time in the barrel.

Team Japan launched a video of their training session which can also be viewed below.

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