Shooting Thor and Occy at the world’s most surreal wave pool

Freelance photographer/videographer Elke Mai got the call up to shoot Chris Hemsworth and Mark Occhilupo during a recent demo day at Surf Lakes in Yeppoon. The wave at Surf Lakes is surreal enough, but mix in the likes of Thor (with family in tow), Occy’s serendipitous ramblings and it’s, well, there’s a lot to unpack there.

“It was cool to see Thor in real life but I definitely wasn’t as excited as my mum when she heard about it,” said Elke. “She was very disappointed I didn’t get a selfie with him. But he looked like he was having a good time with his mates and family so I left him to it.”

In this clip Elke and partner Rambo relive the thrill of one of their most exciting photo assignments to date.