Standing wave pools central to rapid surf league tour

Under sunny skies with 500 spectators looking on, Rosina Neuerer and Nicolas Marusa won the final event of the Pure SurfCamps Rapid Surf League tour which took place on the Unit Wave Pool in Langenfeld, Germany.

The last event of the tour saw Marusa move on to claim the overall men’s title while Laura Haustein took the overall women’s title.

What’s unique about this tour is that it’s run on a variety of enhanced surf spots, from natural river waves to stationary wave pools and stationary floating-lake wave pools.

Competition gets interesting as surfers, just like on the WSL CT or QS, need to be well-versed in each different wave format. The dominant riders are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland – all countries with thriving river scenes.

“The most important thing for us is to be the home for the best rapid surfers around, whether they surf Citywave, Unit Pool, natural river waves or canals,” said Director Quirin Rohleder. “It is really important for us that we do these events on different wave systems. That’s why we have one event on a Citywave in Munich, while another is on a half-natural wave outside Bratislava in Slovakia and another on the Unit Pool near Cologne.”

Rohleder said that by throwing in a mix of wave types, the overall winners show they have a diverse skill set.

“These waves are different in terms of power and difficulty,” he added. “In April 2020 we will have another half-natural wave in Austria that uses no energy consumption, which will be 10 meters wide. It will be added to make a four-stop tour.”

These wave systems foreshadow what wave pool surfers might see on their own domestic or international tour, with stops at waves pools as different from one another as Teahupoo is to Lowers. Waco’s peaks run a totally different game to Wavegarden Cove’s peelers while we all know Kelly’s requires a totally different approach.

Below are the three waves the Rapid Surf League runs its tour on: The Unit Pool in Langenfeld, CityWave in Munich and Slovakia.

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