Look for standing waves to enhance Multi-Wave Surf Parks

Currently, chatter in the wave pool industry is about the future of Multi-Wave Surf Parks – that is, destinations with more than one type of surf-able technology. It’s a term for a place like BSR Cable Park in Waco – with its wakeboard center and water attractions – but surf-specific. The idea is that Multi-Wave Surf Parks will offer several different wave pools in which to surf. Among these added features will be standing waves, setups akin to Munich’s Eisbach River wave.

There’s a standing wave revolution going on at the moment. The Rapid Surf League based in Munich runs a pro tour through Europe and wave technology companies like CityWave and UNIT are offering new product to a stoked clientele.

As surf parks proliferate, look to technology like this to sit alongside soliton wave machines like PerfectSwell and Wavegarden Cove

The appeal to Multi-Wave Surf Parks is that while a new PerfectSwell or Wavegarden Cove will set you back eight figures, these standing wave alternatives start at a million bucks. The UNIT systems are anchored like cable park features and made from the same material. It comes in varying widths from eight meters to 16 meters.

Bringing the UNIT standing wave from Europe to the USA is Tony Finn, inventor of wakeboarding and founder of the Liquid Force brand. Tony has a vision and has teamed up with UNIT inventor Johannes Degenhardt to become the Johnny Appleseed of standing waves in North America.

Wakeparadise in Milan is using a standing wave to enhance its attractions

A lot of surfers kinda frown on standing waves over traveling waves. What makes this one different?
On a UNIT, there is so much water moving to allow you to travel quite a bit down the face and deep enough to crank turns, so it really creates a fantastic experience. Once, surfers try it, their frowns will turn into smiles.
How is it different from other standing waves both natural and human-made?
UNIT is different from any other artificial standing wave you’ve seen to date. The physics and hydrodynamics of its design are unparalleled and much more authentic to natural standing waves found all over the world. The UNIT wave creates the hydraulic jump effect, producing a deep and large wave that allows you to surf with any board and fins you desire. In the previous artificial standing wave design, the pools are shallow and take away from the authentic feel of surfing. The UNIT wave is a really fun wave that both beginners and pros alike will love.

Wakeboarding inventor Tony Finn is dropping anchor in North America for the German standing wave design

Where does this setup work best? Chlorinated pool? Lake?
UNIT Surf Pools offer varying builds to best accommodate client’s locations and use types, both commercial and personal. We offer a floating pool, permanent built-in pool, and an above-ground temporary/permanent pool solution. Our most popular and innovative wave set up is the floating surf pool. Not only is it the most sustainable surf pool option on the market, but there are little to no construction costs, very low energy consumption, and it can be installed in two weeks. It’s top-of-the-line engineering and construction is safe for both users and wildlife alike. The UNIT Surf Pool will positively impact bodies of water by providing movement and aeration to the water, making it a lot clearer.  
Where in the surf park landscape do you see this type of pool working?
It is both an extremely fun stand-alone wave and an amazing complementary wave to larger wave pools already built or in production. The UNIT’s modular design allows users to make an easily adjustable wave that feels like a large traveling wave. Or you can make it smaller and use it as an incredible training tool for beginners and pros looking to progress. Its unique design mimics the actual experience of natural standing waves or traveling waves in the ocean so expert surfers can practice their cutbacks, bottoms turns, spins, etc. Adding a UNIT Surf Pool to an existing park or current park project offers more versatility and a full range surfing for the public.

Surfers: Laura Haustein & Quirin Rohleder