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Steph Gilmore gets cinematic at Kelly’s

One of the world’s favorite surfers just dropped a dreamy edit courtesy of Audi. The seven-time world champ brings her ethereal grace to the cow pastures of Lemoore in “Electric Wave,” a four-minute slow-motion descent into the realm of night surfing at Kelly’s.

“It’s really special when you get to collaborate with a true artist like Daniel Askill on his vision, mixing our craft of surfing with his expertise,” Stephanie said. “And it’s even more special when you get to do it for a brand that supports your career and shares in your message.”

The film ties in as Audi launches their fully-electric car. Cinematically shot with a production crew of 50 people, the clip includes an Aski Matsumiya soundtrack and guest appearances by Coco Ho and Leah Dawson. Watch. Breath deeply. Dream. Repeat.

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