Sunshine Coast wave pool names tech provider

An hour north of Brisbane, the Surf Farm project plans to transform 10 hectares near the Glass House Mountains into a resort-style surf experience. Billing itself as a curated experience, the project will include a cafe, shops, and leisure activities tuned into laid-back Sunshine Coast frequency.

While this surf park has been on the WavePoolMag Surf Planner Map for a couple of years now, the project sat idle for a while. First announced as Surf Parks Australia, the project has been rebranded as Surf Farm and made recent media inroads with their announcement to use the Endless Surf wave technology.

“We are stoked to work with Surf Farm to deliver our next-generation surf technology, offering wave variety for all skill levels and surf styles within Queensland and beyond,” said Paul Chutter of Endless Surf. 

The Surf Farm website recently posted new images and drawings of the facility and reiterated the project’s appeal to a wide range of abilities.

“Surf Farm boasts a diverse range of wave setups, catering to surfers with varying levels of expertise,” said the company. “Beginners can enjoy gentle, rolling waves perfect for learning, while seasoned surfers can challenge themselves with powerful barrels and challenging breaks.”

The team behind Surf Farm is listed as having a diverse tech industry background which “uniquely positions them to redefine wave pool experiences, setting innovative standards in the surfing industry.”

The company lists Craig Morrison and Chris Salmon as directors with Mark Salmon named as Project Manager.

More to come on this development as it progresses.

The Lowdown: Developers are planning a 13-hectare development near Glass House Mountain on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. The wave pool will feature learn-to-surf facilities, cafe, dining, wellness center and a shop or two. According to Surf Farm, the development will be a sustainable surf park. The company added that the Endless Surf technology will allow the development to be small and low impact but with big benefits to the community and economy.

WavePool Construction Progress: Planning stages.

Wave’s Technical Information: Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: 30-60 yards/meters, Semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented. 120 -160 waves per hour come in three-wave sets at between 1:10-1:30 apart. Waves are waist to head-high.

Hours of Operation/Seasonal Hours: Expect year-round surf.

Waves per hour: 200-300-ish

Atmosphere: Suburban Queensland vibes.

Apparel: Boardshorts and bikinis with the occasional 3/2 full suit in winter.