Surf Canada partners with Endless Surf as official wave pool partner

In an agreement, earlier this week British Columbia-based surf pool technology company, Endless Surf, announced they have teamed up with Surf Canada to become the organization’s official wave technology partner.

Wave pools are benefitting the sport of surfing in incredible ways when it comes to the repetition and training potential that a fully controllable wave offers. Additionally, with surfing now included as an official Olympic sport after making its debut in the Japanese games last year, the sport is seeing immense growth. Surf parks around the globe are predicted to promote impressive new talent as well as foster the skills of existing athletes.

Endless Surf has projects in development on almost every continent. The company says its technology is the most flexible and customizable wave pool tech on the market. The robust hardware and innovative software controls allow for the full customization of surf and the company says they will be making waves like never before seen in a pool.

This is exciting news, especially for professional surfing, as training sessions and competitions can include wave types of varying height, shape, and ride length. With the first waves scheduled to roll out in early 2023, the Surf Canada team is looking forward to having access to train within these facilities.

“Endless Surf’s full flexibility to customize wave types section by section really excites us at Surf Canada,” said Dom Domic, Executive Director. “As ES pools come online, we can’t wait for the training sessions because of the value they will provide for our athletes across all areas like Pro, Juniors, and Adaptive surfing. Being able to recreate waves with as much variety as seen in the ocean is a major game-changer for us and the sport of surfing as a whole.”

endless surf partners with surf canada
British Columbia is home to Endless Surf HQ as well as the site of Surf Canada’s annual championships at Tofino.

A Rich Culture of Outdoor Action Sports

Rooted in British Columbia’s rich and abundant culture of outdoor sports and surfing in particular, Endless Surf is proud to be partnering with Surf Canada to help advance the future of surfing within the region and beyond.

“Canadian surfing is such a special community that is shaped by the dedication and true grit that cold water surfing embodies,” said Paul Chutter, President of Endless Surf. “With our head office in British Columbia, Tofino is our home break. The paralleled beauty between landscape and ocean, plus the rich culture that revolves around surfing inspires us and the work that we do. That said, we are incredibly proud to support Surf Canada and to play our part in shaping the future for all surfers in Canada and beyond, providing easier access to surfing with waves that cater to all skills levels.”

The partnership was firmed up just in time for Surf Canada’s Rip Curl Pro Nationals taking place in Tofino, BC this weekend, April 8-10. The three-day competition features Juniors, Longboard, Open, and Professional heats, where Canadian surfers will compete for the coveted Rip Curl Pro titles. The titles across 10 separate divisions will help Surf Canada identify talent prospects for their National Team.

You can watch the Rip Curl Pro National Live Broadcast here from April 8-10. For more information on Endless Surf and to stay up to date on the various wave pool projects in development around the world click this link.

ENDLESS SURF – Shaping the Future of Surf Parks from Endless Surf on Vimeo.