Podcast Episode 5 Season 2: Surf coaching success and the wave pool equation with Ru Hill

Many peg wave pools as the Supersauce to surf improvement. Unfortunately, this is mostly done in broad, sweeping strokes with emphasis placed solely on the repetition aspect of learning. There are so many finer points to why coaching in a wave pool works. In this podcast we drill down the milli-specifics and share the why and how on-hand training in the pool will advance your surfing.

Rupert Hill set up “Surf Simply” from scratch over in Costa Rica. He has made a remarkable success of it, going from zero to hero in 10 years. It’s been a long hard slog but he is on top of his game now, offering surf weeks for more than $6,000 per person and boasting a two-year waiting list. That’s an incredible achievement. Well done, Surf Simply!

In this podcast we pick Ru’s brain about surfing and how the coaching aspect changes when you eliminate nature’s whims from the equation. Learning to surf and improving your surfing in a wave pool becomes a whole lot more effective… or does it?

What do you think?

Nick Robinson

Endless Surf 2023A