Surf Lakes inches closer to full potential, big barrels

Next month could see full-sized sets roll out from Surf Lakes’ giant donut plunger. The company announced the completion of their new connecting rod, or “conrod”, to replace the one that failed during initial testing.

“The repairs are well underway and are now entering the final stages,” says Surf Lakes. “The aim is to be back in operation next month. The process has taken longer than initially anticipated mainly due to the team wanting to ensure everything possible was examined to eliminate the risk of further breakdowns or delays.”

In basic terms, conrods attach a piston to a crankshaft allowing the force from a piston to be converted into some mechanical use. In this case, the use is to raise a multi-ton steel donut and then release it to create surf. Much in the same way, a dropped stone will send out ripples across a pond, the Surf Lakes method sends waves fanning out across a body of water.

surf lakes' connecting rod
The new connecting rod for Surf Lakes’ Yeppoon test facility is waiting to be connected to the wave maker (plunger) and the main engine.

New Tests on Tap

Specs for wave creation associated with the bigger, stronger conrod include maximum sized waves of up to 2.4 meter (eight feet) face height on the main breaks.

Of interest is the number of waves rolling through. The company will test running sets of up to six swells in succession which, when fanned out across the lake and encounter each of the eight breaks, produce 40 surf-able waves.

Surf Lakes said they will also test and confirm that water turbulence settles in one minute or less after the full-sized waves roll through. They will also measure length and time of ride for each of their “5 Waves” breaks.

Despite Setback Interest Keeps Growing

The company added that interest in Surf Lakes 5 Waves technology remains strong.

“Surf Lakes recently signed another Heads of Agreement to build a facility next to a major tourist hub,” the company adds. “This particular site hopes to start construction within the next few months. There are also two discussions underway with two very capable groups in the USA, expressing interest for a strategic partnership, with the goal of creating multiple Surf Lakes 5 Waves branded destinations.”

Surf Lakes Brass Embark on Tour

Company founder Aaron Trevis and director Reuben Buchanan will be touring Australia in the coming weeks. The 90-minute boardroom-style sessions are aimed at informing and answering questions about Surf Lakes’ progress and focus for growth.

“We are confident that as soon as imagery of the expected full-size waves is beamed through digital and broadcast channels after Phase Two testing, the level of interest will increase even more dramatically.”

Tour Schedule is as follows:
Gold Coast (Robina)                  Monday 13th May at 6pm 
Brisbane (CBD)                         Tuesday 14th May at 6pm 
Sydney (CBD)                           Wed 15th May at 6pm 
Manly (Northern Beaches)       Thursday 16th May at 6pm 
Melbourne (CBD)                      Friday 17th May at 12pm 
Perth (CBD)                               Monday 20th May 6pm 

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