Surf Lakes signs on for secret USA location

Surf Lakes announced today the sale of a US license for an undisclosed, secret location. The company says the deal illustrates the continuing demand for positive infrastructure projects to help kick start local economies.

“While the location is to remain secret for the short term, there is genuine excitement as early design previews of the intended development look amazing,” said Surf Lakes in an email. “An announcement revealing more details will be forthcoming.”

Surf Lakes also stated that despite COVID-19, inquiries remain hot with their team sifting through multiple inquiries. According to the company, the present count is well over 500 queries from around the world.

“With a definitive construction schedule across numerous projects including the Gold Coast and the potential upgrade to Yeppoon on the local front, the second half of 2020 is looking very promising,” the company continued.

Currently, Surf Lakes is completing the upgrade to its lake liner in Yeppoon and making minor tweaks to the famed plunger machinery. They will then refill the lake and be pumping out waves near the end of July.

Surf Lakes also announced they are currently working through the DA process with the planners and site owners for their Gold Coast project. The company is also investigating upgrading the Yeppoon facility to see if it can be opened as a commercial surf park.

Other areas in the US with deals pending are Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas, and Arizona. The company states there are many other projects with promise throughout Europe, South America, and Asia.